MPHA Organizational Membership

Join us as an organizational member!

When you join MPHA, you are joining a movement to advance statewide public policy change to eliminate health inequities in the Commonwealth!

Organizational membership provides sustaining support for MPHA’s work to build local leaders and a deeper network of activists across the state to take action. MPHA has various membership levels to meet your needs and recognize the broad spectrum of our allies. 

Corporations, Non-profit organizations and Other Allies

MPHA invites private, for-profit, and non-profit organizations to demonstrate your commitment to advancing health equity across the Commonwealth.
Organizational members are recognized publicly on various channels and receive special access to MPHA events depending on membership level.

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Colleges and Universities

MPHA acknowledges the unique role that colleges and universities play through research, teaching, and career development for future public health leaders. 
College and University members receive access to events,networking opportunities, and other resources for students and faculty.



Local Boards of Health

Through membership in MPHA, local boards of health have the opportunity to engage in advocacy and organizing efforts that advance policy and secure state funding to strengthen the local public health system across Massachusetts. 

MPHA provides a special membership for local  and regional boards of health and other local government departments to foster engagement, share information, and recognize their essential role .




Please contact Ana Hidalgo at with any questions!